Alpaca Floor Rug Patchwork Design Brown

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This Alpaca Floor Rug is made from Huacaya Alpaca’s that are raised in their natural habitats, high in the Andes. The Huacaya Alpaca fiber is a crimpy fiber, which act like small springs, and grow perpendicularly to the body giving Huacayas their rounded, fluffy appearance. As Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin it requires no special chemical or scouring agents to remove it during the tanning process – making it a truly natural fibre addition to your home décor.

The smooth outer shaft of the alpaca fibre is very fine, typically 22 microns in diameter which makes it uniquely soft, luxurious, and silky by nature.

The unique hollow core of the Alpaca fibre traps air within itself which provides its superior thermal properties and being naturally water repellent, a spill on an Alpaca Floor Rugs does not become saturated when wet.

Alpaca fibre come in a wide range of colours from pure white through to fawn, and a range of browns and true black. This patchwork Alpaca Floor Rugs is the perfect blend of different Alpaca skins, providing you a truly unique statement piece for your home.

  • 100% Huacaya Alpaca Fur
  • PolyCotton Backing
  • 180cm x 210cm
  • Imported

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