Creswick Natural Sleep - Australian Made
Creswick Natural Sleep - Australian Made Mattress

  • Handcrafted in Australia

  • Experienced Manufacturing

  • Quality Guarantee

  • Creswick Natural Sleep - All Natural Fibres

    All Natural Fibres

  • Creswick Natural Sleep - The Sustainable Choice


  • Creswick Natural Sleep - Comfort Guarantee

    Comfort Guarantee

Our Comfort Guarantee

Creswick provides you with a 4 month comfort guarantee, to enjoy your mattress by Creswick Natural Sleep and decide if it is right for you.

Your 4 month trial begins when you receive delivery of your mattress.

The first 30 days are called the adjustment period. Studies have found that it takes about 30 days for your body to adapt to a new mattress and we want to give you that time to get comfortable with making the final decision.

If you decide for any reason during your 4 month trial period that the firmness of your Creswick Natural Sleep mattress is not your ideal comfort level; a Creswick sleep concierge will work with you to take your Australian Made mattress and adjust the firmness level.

*terms and conditions apply.

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